About us

Schenck Farms and Greenhouses Co. has consistently remained a key contributor to the floral industry and St.Catharines since Louis Schenck established it in 1891.

Louis began growing and packaging fruits and vegetables earning the status from his unique labelling: “…equaled by few and surpassed by none”. In the late 1920s, the farm gradually shifted away from vegetable production to developing exceptional floral products.

This reputation has carried over through five generations to what Schenck Farms is today. The first greenhouses were erected in 1920, replacing several hothouses. Today, the site is populated with an impressive cluster of greenhouses. It holds 410,000 square feet of greenhouse space growing, Begonias, Kalanchoes, Geranium cuttings and a variety of floral products.

Schenck Farms & Greenhouses remains a family business, passed down from a generation of pride and experience.